Pie Boss Turns 2!

Saturday, July 26th, Pie Boss is celebrating being open for TWO YEARS by rolling in the South African Cuisine! Enjoy some authentic Bunny Chows, Samoosas, Cream Puffs, Spicy Lamb Pie, and of course our delicious meat pies and desserts! Although we are having such a celebration, we ask that you call in your order at least an hour before arrival to ensure we have what you would like! We hope to see you Saturday!

Posted Jul 23rd

Pie Boss Turns 2!

Pie Boss Meets Steve Hofmeyr

Special Guest Steve Hofmeyr Visits Pie Boss!

Tuesday, June 24th, Pie Boss had the pleasure of having Steve Hofmeyr visit and have some delicious pies! Great converstation with a great meal created a FANTASTIC memory for Pie Boss. We hope you come to visit again soon!

Posted Jun 26th

Welcome to the NEW PieBoss.com!

Pie Boss has almost been open for two years (mid June) and in our two years, we have been in newpapers, articles, on Chicago's Best, and have maintained a 4.5 star rating on Yelp. We would like to thank all of our customers and supporters for coming and visiting us, and we encourage you to come back and see the great things happening at Pie Boss. This past weekend (May 29th) we were announced as #1 in Aurora! If you would like to see the article, you can find it here. With that, we are celebrating by launching a brand new website to showcase our menu, give you more information about us, and allow you to contact us so that we may give you a new pie experience!

Posted Jun 5th