Although we try to have our warmer filled with delicious pies, we recommend that you contact us 30 minutes ahead to place your order so we can have it baked special for you!

Pie Boss is a one-of-a-kind shop in Aurora, Illinois and is run by Ty, the Pie Boss himself. Our goal is to provide our customers the authentic and fresh taste of South African Cuisine. Our meat and vegetarian pies are made daily with our own pastry and spices, and we also have dessert options as well. We take no shortcuts and want to deliver the ultimate pie experience. Take a look at our menu, visit our FAQ to answer some common questions, or contact us today to place an order!

Pie Boss is currently ranked as the number one restaurant in Aurora, IL. We want to personally thank all of our fans and loyal customers as we appreciate your patronage. Pie Boss is growing and are in the process of preparing for the new year. We hope you get the chance to stop in and be apart of our growth!